Some Projects Using OpenSlide


The VIPS image processing system can use OpenSlide to read slide files.

Collaborative Systems for Analyzing Tissue Microarrays

The Center for Biomedical Imaging & Informatics at UMDNJ uses OpenSlide for a tissue microarray analysis and data management toolset currently under development as part of the “Collaborative Systems for Analyzing Tissue Microarrays” project.

In Silico Brain Tumor Research Center

The In Silico Brain Tumor Research Center at Emory University uses OpenSlide in their Pathology Image Database System to extract images for analysis.


Emory uses OpenSlide to develop caMicroscope, a caGrid compliant pathology viewer.


The SlideTutor project at UPMC uses OpenSlide to read slides in various formats.


The Algum system at Carnegie Mellon University uses OpenSlide to display whole slide images.

Cardiac Transplant Endomyocardial Biopsy Acute Cellular Rejection Tutorial

The Society for Cardiovascular Pathology and Association for the European Cardiovascular Pathology are using OpenSlide in a web tutorial on interpreting endomyocardial biopsy findings for cardiac transplant acute cellular rejection.

Simagis Live

Smart Imaging Technologies is using OpenSlide in their Simagis Live web-based image management system.